Alexander Drozdin

A photographer in search of deeper meaning.

I began exploring photography in 2000, when I first experienced a thirst for creating fine art. Soon I found that photography alone did not satisfy my creative urge. I wanted my artwork to have a deeper meaning. I now work with photo-collage, which—through modern photo-editing programs—offers the opportunity and freedom to better express my ideas.

Through my work I seek to explore the interconnection between photography and painting. I call my work “photo-painting” and “Photo-Impressionism.” I’m an admirer of such great 19th century French impressionists as Monet, Renoir and Degas. These great artists have all influenced my work.

I find inspiration in two areas—my relationship with my beloved and in my experience with music. I love the work of Debussy and Ravel.  The experiences and emotions I feel upon hearing their music is the core of what I choose to express in my artwork.

In my work I search for new ways to embody creativity and uncover the metaphysical properties of form and color. Rather than focusing on people and objects, I emphasize the delicate interrelationship between them through the use of intense, complex color combinations. I want to reach my viewers’ subconscious, entering into a subliminal dialogue that leads them to a new way of perceiving their own inner world and our collective surrounding reality.

I hope those who enjoy my art also find inspiration in it and that our creativity can grow together.