Anna Soustina

Anna Soustina

A designer passionately in love with the art of photography.

I always wanted to work in the sphere of art, design beauty and surround myself with talented and creative people. Photography first came into my life as a childhood hobby, while my interests in the field grew during my studies of interior design. In 2007, while participating as a model in various photo-shoots, I realized that my future lay in photography. Being the subject of the artistic process was fascinating, but I was drawn by my own vision of being the creative mind behind the camera, capturing moments of life as a professional photographer. 

Like many modern artists and photographers I use image-editing software to enhance my work. The latest developments in this field enable me to realize even the most daring ideas and open up new avenues of creative experimentation. 

The creative process cannot be limited by rules or pre-conceived frameworks. Art is ‘”alive” and sensitive, so each artist must be attentive to details in his work and nurture them whenever possible. 

Everything around us can serve as a source of inspiration. When starting new projects, try to understand the results you want to achieve, the ideas you wish to share and the mood you’d like to express. Always be aware of your audience and be sure to value your potential admirers.