High End Designer Fashion from CALAPHYA

Learn about our humble beginnings

In 2012, a team of talented artists and designers envisaged the creation of a new high-end fashion brand for quality women’s clothing and accessories. This team of dedicated professionals was inspired by the idea of creating fine art and design for everyday life and sharing it with women everywhere. The CALAPHYA brand was born at the start of 2013.

We are proud to be headquartered in California. Our logotype and name are inspired by "The Adventures of Esplandian", the great Spanish novel of the 15th century that gave also the name to the state of California.

All our product lines are limited and collectible, precisely designed and made from the world’s finest fabrics like SUPIMA cotton, which is grown in our region, and chines mulberry silk. So far, we offer high-quality beautiful collections of elegant women’s tops and luxury silk scarves with exclusive artistic prints, designed exclusively for CALAPHYA.

In 2014, we started to collaborate with Independent artists and fashion business owners in order to produce masterpieces specially for them. We can produce top-quality white plane T-shirts for printing your own creations, or luxury silk scarves lines. Our talented artists are able to work out exclusive images for you if necessary.

Watch to see what we offer in future!