Luxury Clothing & High End Fashion Designers

The Philosophy Behind Art and Luxury Design

CALAPHYA’s team celebrates the idea of providing fine art and design for everyday life. We proudly manufacture sophisticated clothing that represents the artist’s exclusive creation. Our products are synonymous with concepts of nobility, luxury, exclusivity and premium quality.

CALAPHYA enjoys relationships with gifted artists, photographers and tailors in many countries. These relationships enable us to create a vast array of individualized collections that appeal to a wide range of tastes.

Because they are works of art, CALAPHYA products are made from the very best raw materials. Experienced tailors and skilled seamstresses craft our products one at a time—with love and dedication for each creation.

Our unique art and clothing are guaranteed by the exclusive agreements we have with artists and designers around the world. Some of our garments are released in worldwide limited editions, with every item numbered and registered in our files.

We select our business partners and suppliers with great care. Everyone associated with CALAPHYA products must share our vision and philosophy. No one else will do.

“The harmonious blend of superior materials and exquisite artwork, combined with elegant design, a refined construction and an outstanding finish – this is our tribute to the art of luxury design!”